Lazy MD’s Love for Hunting Dogs and Horses Runs Deep

PageLines- slider6.jpgMy love affair with hunting dogs and horses runs deep in my southern bred heart. It is a reason to get up before dawn, to see your breath in the morning air, it is a reason to get your heart racing.

I was raised in Southeast Missouri, where game leases for quail were not necessary when I was a youngster. I would get home from school and my brother and I would grab our Llewllin setter Hueco, we were only about 1200 yards to the first fence row which started our afternoon hunt. We would go for about 2 miles or so to the St Fransis River Levy, normally get into a couple of big covey there. It was always a real treat when our father took the time out from work at his general store to hunt with us. He loved to hunt with the dogs as we did and was also in such an enjoyable mood when he took us out! He would teach us how to train the dog to be better at steady on the point.

Hueco was a natural retriver and backed other dogs naturally. I learned as a youngster the nature of “soft dogs “ versus the more tough in nature dogs ie “hard dogs”. This is how we became owners of this excellent setter, he was a soft dog and didn’t perform for a more rugged friend of my fathers. Hueco blossomed in the cotton fields and fence rows with the tender way of handling from us kids and my father. He was the best dog in the mid-south and people in the area would recall him for years even to this day. So when my husband asked me what was the best dog I ever owned I had no problem answering with pride mixed with melancholy as we replaced a house dog, our Llewellin Setter Hueco!

Then upon searching bloodlines available at the time I choose a pup from Straight Creek Kennel in Eastern Kentucky. The Sire had won the Lewlelin Gun Dog National in1999 “ Dashing Iron Mike”. The Kennel owner described the dam as one of the scrappy and tough dogs with a nose that could scent out Hugh Hefner. I said “sold and receive”.

Donna Markey