Our Haven In the Hill Country has Cocker and Setter Puppies!

Eli-Lucy-optExcellent development program of field bred English Cocker Spaniels with Field Trial Champion Bloodlines.

Outstanding Llewellin Setter bloodlines with Champion Dashing Iron Streek own son of Iron Mike and Highway Dan bloodlines.

Our Goal with the Lord’s blessing is to promote and maintain the outstanding genetics present in foundation bloodlines of our animals while incorporating proven behavioral and performance bloodlines of proven champions.

We believe that breeding in this manner adds the character of TRAIN-ABILITY to known outstanding Physical characteristics of the bloodline. This provides a better prospect for whatever the new may desire in equine or canine companion. If you want a hunting dog, the desire, trainablity and instinct will be there. If you want a pet, you will have a companion more trainable and willing to please than that of a large random breeder.

The equine athlete would demonstrate more trainabilty, this added to excellent performance bloodlines, offers more predictable outcome of a suitable long term equine athlete.

We desire to provide an environment for young people to enjoy a safe ranch environment. We hope to further education in the animal training and the wildlife environment. In affect, our goal is to perserve a most precious way of life. The joy of working with an animal in it’s instinct and thus incorporating training with instinct. When done as intended, it is a dance, a most beautiful Waltz with nature!